Medium Heat Category - 1st Place

1st Place winner at Mr. Chilli Awards for the Medium Heat Category 2017: Grumpy Gary's Garlic Hot Sauce


I believe this sauce is perfect. That’s right, perfect! It possesses an absolutely outstanding flavour, balancing the garlic and vinegar in a way that I have not experienced yet. The texture isn’t as smooth as other Grumpy Gary’s products as there are seeds scattered throughout the bottle. I did not find to be distraction at all as I was totally engaged in enjoying this amazing sauce. It will surely be a contender to take out some prizes in this year’s Mr Chilli contests.

I had this sauce with my typical tomato based pasta meal and it was a match that hasn’t yet been so evidently harmonised. These 2 flavours were seamless. They sung in my mouth and danced on my tastebuds. I don’t think I could have another tomato based pasta meal without this sauce. Why would I not want to enhance my meal in a way that makes it so much more enjoyable?

If I had deep pockets, I’d be investing in this company. They have exceptionally flavoursome products, where “making tasty sauce” must surely be printed on their mission statement, because they do this unbelievably well, in ALL of their products.

For flavour, I’m giving this sauce a 9.9 out of 10. For heat, I rate this sauce a 4/10. Heat is present, but it’s simply a bit of warmth. This allows the flavours to truly be at the forefront of the experience. Awesome.