At Grumpy Gary's we're fixated on improving the quality and taste of your food, and we firmly believe that our hot sauces are a game changer, so why not sample it for yourselves? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sample these, so we're shouting the shipping! We're so confident you'll love it, that we're even offering a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like any of the flavours!

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Our Exotics Sampler Pack includes 4x15mL sachets of the Mango Hot Sauce, Mint Hot Sauce, Oregano Hot Sauce and the Original Hot Sauce.

Mango Hot Sauce
6/10 BURN

Sweet and saucy, this hot sauce takes your mouth on a tropical vacation reminiscent of the sultry and steamy islands. The sweetness of the mango compliments everything from chicken to seafood. Ideal for use as a marinade, rub, dip or spread, you can count on this sauce to throw a party in your mouth when you use it as even a salad dressing. While we rate it at a mild burn rating of 6/10, this sauce still packs enough punch that you won’t have to char your chicken with a grill.

Pair it with chicken, calamari, sushi, prawns, curries, salads and more!

Mint Hot Sauce
8/10 BURN

Take your flavours in a whole new minty fresh direction with the addition of our Mint Hot Sauce to your dishes. Sear your taste buds with a side of mint by adding this sauce to all of your Mediterranean dishes. Create a middle eastern dip by adding a few spoons of this sauce to plain yogurt. This same dip becomes a hot yet refreshing marinade for your lamb before you let it sizzle on the grill or roast in the oven.

Oregano Hot Sauce
8/10 BURN

Add some fevered flavors to all of your recipes that call for a pinch of oregano. A fiery 8/10 on the burn scale, this hot sauce can pep up all of your Italian dishes including lasagna, spaghetti, and meatballs.  Ideal for marinating your chicken and all of your savory meat plates, this hot sauce turns up the heat on a whole new flavor dynamic that is certain to please many palates. Add a bit of savory flavor with your tang of chili when you use this hot sauce on your food.

Original Hot Sauce
8/10 BURN

When our original hot sauce was born, our eyes teared up. Yours will too…especially if you wipe your eyes before washing your hands after eating food soaked in this zippy little sauce with a burn rating of 8/10. Bursting with authentic red chili pepper flavor, this sizzling sauce serves as the base to all our other sauces in the 8/10 burn range making it our “Mother sauce”. Like they say, mother knows best and this 23% chili hot sauce will quickly become a heated favorite.