At Grumpy Gary's we're fixated on improving the quality and taste of your food, and we firmly believe that our hot sauces are a game changer, so why not sample it for yourselves? We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sample these, so we're shouting the shipping! We're so confident you'll love it, that we're even offering a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like any of the flavours!

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Our Rim Reapers Sampler Pack includes 3x15mL sachets of the Butt Tickler Hot Sauce, Burns Twice Hot Sauce, and The Ripper Hot Sauce.

Butt Tickler Hot Sauce
11/10 BURN

Get a taste of our Premium Range with the Butt Tickler Hot Sauce. Feel the burn at both ends with this hot sauce made with 23% peri peri chilli and clocks in at a scorching 11/10 on the burn-o-meter. The peri peri chilli lends a nice rich tang that not only tickles your palette but your bum as well. Crank up the fire factor on your chicken, paella, meatballs and jerky when you liberally sauce the meats with our peri peri treat. You might smile with satisfaction with the taste on your tongue, “butt you won’t be laughing at the end”.

Burns Twice Hot Sauce
13/10 BURN

Flaming hot and made from 61% chillies, this hot sauce will burn you coming and going! A certain feast of flames, this sauce is raging at a 13/10 on the burn range and is an exquisite blend of red chilies, fruity habaneros, and the bringer of the sphincter scalding – the California Reaper. If you love heat, it’s time for your recreational scalding to go along with some highly tempting flavour. Just remember to think twice before you gorge yourself silly on this sauce because “what goes in, must come out”!

The Ripper Hot Sauce
17/10 BURN

Are you bad @$$ enough to handle this three-alarm fire of a hot sauce? Powered by 36% California Reaper and Peri Peri chillies this raging wild fire of a sauce is designed to rip though your senses with a searing heat that is signed with delicious flavor. Standing (because you might not be able to sit after eating this one!) at 17/10 on the burn range only the strongest and bravest who can endure the flames of hell get to enjoy the flavor that this sauce brings. Try it. We dare you... it “might rip you a new one”.